Our current range of drinks products available are as follows:


Alba Vega Albarino DOP 75cl £15.95/each

Bourgogne Chardonnay Couvent des Jacobins 75cl £14.99/each

Bourgogne Pinot Noir Couvent des Jacobins 75cl £15.99/each

Chapoutier Bio Cotes-du-Rhone 75cl £14.99/each

Chapoutier Deschants Rouge 75cl £19.99/each

Chapoutier La Combe Pilate Viognier 2018 £15.99/each

Dios Baco Fino Sherry 750ml £14.95/each

Dios Baco Oloroso Sherry 750ml £22.95/each

Dios Baco Pedro Ximenez Sherry 500ml £20.95/each

Domaine Carneros Avant Garde Pinot Noir 2018 £22.99/each

Domaine Ferret Pouilly Fuisse 75cl £27.99/each

Entreflores DOP Rueda 75cl £12.95/each

Errazuriz Aconcagua Alto Cabernet Sauvignon 75cl £17.99/each

Kleine Zalze Cellar Selection Pinotage 75cl £9.99/each

Kleine Zalze Selection Chenin Blanc 75cl £10.99/each

Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection Chardonnay 75cl £12.99/each

Mellot Pouilly-Fume Le Tronsec 75cl £17.99/each

Rioja Vega Blanco 75cl £10.25/each

Rioja Vega Crianza 750ml £14.25/each

Rioja Vega Reserva 75cl £21.95/each

Rioja Vega Rosado 75cl £9.95/each

Rioja Vega Tinto 75cl £10.25/each

Robert Oatley Signature Series Chardonnay 75cl £12.99/each

Roger Goulart Gran Reserva Cava 75cl £19.95/each

Zuccardi Valles Bonarda 75cl £14.50/each



Ditchling Fling 6cl £8.25/each

Ditchling Fling 70cl £44.95/each

Ditchling Gin 70cl £44.95/each

Edinburgh Elderflower Gin 20% 500ml £23.95/each

Edinburgh Gin P'grante & Rose Liqueur 500ml £23.95/each

Edinburgh Raspberry Gin 20% 50cl £23.95/each

Fisselier Calvados Liqueur 200ml £15.95/each

Fisselier Fleur de Caramel 50ml £4.95/each

Fisselier Fleur de Chocolat Liqueur 50ml £4.95/each

Fisselier Fleur de Chocolate Liqueur 200ml £11.95/each

Fisselier Fleur de Gwenroc 50ml £4.95/each

Fisselier Framboise Liqueur 50ml £4.95/each

Fisselier French Cognac 200ml £17.95/each

Fisselier Geranium Liqueur 200ml £11.95/each

Fisselier Geranium Liqueur Stack 4cl £4.95/each

Fisselier Gin & Blueberry Liqueur 50ml £4.95/each

Fisselier Gin & Ginger Liqueur 50ml £4.95/each

Fisselier Pain d'Epices 50ml £4.95/each

Fisselier Peche Blanche Liqueur 50ml £4.95/each

Fisselier Pistache Liqueur 50ml £4.95/each

Fisselier Poire William Liqueur 200ml £11.95/each

Fisselier Poire William Liqueur 50ml £4.95/each

Fisselier Punch Corsaire 50ml £4.95/each

Fisselier Violet Liqueur 200ml £11.95/each

Fisselier Violet Liqueur 40ml £4.95/each

Mermaid Gin London Dry Gin 42% 700ml £44.95/each

Mermaid Gin Pink Gin 43% 700ml £44.95/each

Mermaid Salt Vodka 40% 700ml £44.95/each

Sipsmith Distillery Gin Gift Set 3x50ml £13.95/each

The Lakes Distillery Sloe Gin 20cl £17.95/each

White Heron British Cassis 15% 500ml £28.50/each

World of Zing Cocktail Manhattan 500ml £32.95/each

World of Zing Cocktail Margarita 500ml £29.95/each

Beer & Cider

Perry's Cider Vintage Cider 500ml £2.95/each

Westerham Brewery British Bulldog 500ml £2.60/each

Westerham Brewery Grasshopper 500ml £2.50/each

Westerham Brewery Viceroy IPA 500ml £2.75/each

Hot Drinks

Brew Tea Co CO2 Decaf Tea 113g £6.50/each

Brew Tea Co Earl Grey Loose Tea 113g £4.95/each

Brew Tea Co English B'fast Loose Tea 113g £4.95/each

Brew Tea Co Lemon & Ginger Tea 15 Bags £4.75/each

Brew Tea Co Moroccan Mint Loose Tea 113g £4.95/each

Elephant Home 40 English B'fast Teabags £10.95/each

English Tea Shop 12 Winter Pyramids 24g £4.95/each

English Tea Shop Classic Tea Tin 327g £7.95/each

English Tea Shop Premium Tea Tin 327g £7.95/each

Gnaw Caramel Hot Choc Shot 50g £1.75/each

Gnaw Hot Chocolate Shots Set 150g £5.25/each

Gnaw Marbled Hot Choc Shot 50g £1.75/each

Gnaw Rocky Road Hot Choc Shot 50g £1.75/each

Grumpy Mule Decaf Ground Coffee 227g £5.95/each

Grumpy Mule Espresso Coffee Beans 227g £5.75/each

Roastworks Ethiopian Coffee Beans 200g £5.75/each

Seasoned Pioneers Mulled Wine Mix 20g £1.95/each

Simón Coll Hot Chocolate Packet 180g £2.10/each

Simón Coll Hot Chocolate w Cinnamon 180g £2.65/each

Summerdown Peppermint Tea 15 bags £4.25/each

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot 320g £4.25/each

Taylors Colombia Cacao Ground Coffee 227g £4.95/each

Teapigs Everyday Brew Tea 15 bags £3.95/each

Teapigs Everyday Brew Tea 50 bags £11.50/each

Teapigs Green Detox Tea 15 bags £4.75/each

Teapigs Rooibos 15 Teabags £4.50/each

Teapigs Snooze Sleepy Tea 45g £4.50/each

Teapigs Strong Earl Grey 15 Teabags £3.95/each

Teapigs Yerba Mate 15 Teabags £3.95/each

Union Brazilian B'link Ground Coffee 200g £5.95/each

Union Ethiopian Y'chef Ground Coffee 200g £5.95/each

Union Natural Spirit Ground Coffee 200g £6.25/each

Union Revelation Espresso Beans 200g £5.50/each

Williamson Earl Grey 50 Teabags 125g £3.05/each


Soft Drinks

Belvoir Elderflower & Rose Presse 75cl £2.95/each

Belvoir Elderflower Presse 250ml £1.25/each

Belvoir Elderflower Presse Light 750ml £2.95/each

Belvoir Fresh Squeeze Lemonade 250ml £1.65/each

Belvoir Fresh Squeeze Lemonade 750ml £3.25/each

Belvoir Light E'flower & Rose Presse 75cl £2.95/each

Belvoir Lime & Soda 250ml £1.65/each

Belvoir Lime & Soda 750ml £2.65/each

Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade 250ml £1.25/each

Braes o Gowrie Spark Elderflower 750ml £6.50/each

Brambletye Farm Organic Apple Juice 75cl £2.95/each

Cawston Elderflower Can 300ml £1.10/each

Cawston Sparkling Rhubarb 330ml £1.10/each

Fentimans Ginger Beer 750ml £3.25/each

Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic Water 500ml £1.80/each

Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic 500ml £1.80/each

Fever Tree Light Medit Tonic Water 500ml £2.25/each

Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water 500ml £1.80/each

Fever Tree Premium Light Tonic Water 500ml £1.80/each

Folkington's Earl Grey Tonic Water 8x150ml £5.50/each

Folkington's Elderflower Can 250ml £1.25/each

Folkington's Elderflower Drink 1L £3.85/each

Folkington's Garden Tonic Water 8x150ml £5.50/each

Folkington's Ginger Beer Can 250ml £1.25/each

Folkington's Indian Tonic Water 8x150ml £5.50/each

Folkington's Rhubarb & Apple Presse 250ml £1.25/each

Folkington's Tomato Juice 1L £3.85/each

Luscombe Organic Sicilian Lemonade 740ml £4.25/each

Luscombe Raspberry Crush 270ml £1.75/each

Luscombe Sicilian Lemonade 270ml £1.75/each

One Spring Water Sparkling 750ml £1.25/each

One Spring Water Sparkling Glass 330ml £0.65/each

One Spring Water Still 750ml £1.25/each

One Spring Water Still Glass 330ml £0.65/each

ONE Still Water in a can 330ml £0.70/each

Pensworth Semi Skimmed Milk 1L £1.00/each

Ringden Farm Apple & Elderflower Juice 1L £2.95/each

Ringden Farm Apple & Raspberry Juice 1L £2.95/each

Ringden Farm Cox / Bramley Apple Juice 1L £2.95/each

Ringden Farm Cox Apple Juice 1L £2.95/each

Ringden Farm Discovery Apple Juice 1L £2.95/each

Ringden Farm Pear Juice 1L £2.95/each

Rude Health Almond Drink 1L £2.75/each

Rude Health Coconut Drink 1L £2.75/each

Rude Health Oat Drink 1L £2.10/each

Willys Sparkling Apple, Kombucha, ACV 250ml £2.25/each

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