Our core current range of cheese and charcuterie available to cut from our counter or in retail packs (where a weight is specified) is as follows:

Hard Cheese

Ashdown Foresters Smoked (CPVL)

Black Bomber 200g (CP)

Cheddar Godminster Truffle 200g (CPOV)

Cheddar Godminster Vintage (CPOV)

Cheddar Godminster Vintage 200g (CPOV)

Cheddar Montgomery (CU)

Cheddar Wookey Hole (CP)

Cheshire 200g (CPV)

Comte (CUO)

Caerphilly (CUVO)

Dorset Red (CPV)

Feta 200g (SGP)

Gjetost 250g (CGPV)

Gouda Special Reserve (CU)

Gruyere Le Cret (CU)

Halloumi (CSGPV)

Lancashire Bomb 460g (CU)

Lancashire Vintage Bomb 230g (CU)

Manchego Don Juan (SP)

Manchego Ojos de Guadiana (SU)

Parmigiano Reggiano 12 month (CU)

Parmigiano Reggiano 30 month 150g (CU)

Pecorino Sardo (SP)

Quickes Goat Cheddar (GPV)

Raclette (CP)

Saint Giles (CPVL)

Sussex Charmer (CPVL)

Twineham Grange (CPVL)

Soft Cheese

Brebirousse D'Argental (SP)

Brie de Meaux (CU)

Brie Sussex (CPVL)

Brie Somerset (CPVO)

Burwash Rose (CUV)

Chabis (GUVL)

Chevre Buche (GPV)

Delice de Bourgogne (CP)

Epoisses (CP)

Flower Marie 200g (SUVL)

Golden Cross (GUVL)

Lord London (CPVL)

Mascarpone 250g (CP)

Mozzarella Cows Milk 125g (CP)

Mozzarella di Bufala 125g (BP)

Persille de Chevre (GP)

Reblochon (CU)

Ricotta (CP)

Rosary Goat (GPV)

Stinking Bishop (CPV)

Taleggio (CU)

Tomme de Chevre (GU)

Tunworth 250g (CP)


Blue Cheese

Barkham Blue (CPV)

Blue Clouds (CPVL)

Blue Murder (CPV)

Brighton Blue (CPVL)

Cambozola Grand Noir (CPV)

Colston Bassett Stilton (CPV)

Montagnolo (CP)

Mrs Bells Blue (SPV)

Roquefort Papillon Black Label (SU)

Cheese Key

P = pasteurised

U = unpasteurised

C = cow's milk

S = sheep's milk

G = goat's milk

B = buffalo's milk

O = organic

V = vegetarian

L = local cheese

Charcuterie (on the counter)

Cecina Smoked Cured Beef

Centro Jamon Serrano Reserva V

Chorizo Dulce

Chorizo Picante

Coppa Ham

Finocchiona Salami

Gammon Ham

Iberico Bellota Paleta Ham

Milano Salami

Napoli Salami


Charcuterie (retail packs)

Alejandro Chistorra Cooking Chorizo 200g

Brindisa Chorizo Picante 280g

Brindisa Ibérico Bellota Hand-Carved 50g

Capreolus Air Dried Pork 80g

Capreolus Dorset N'duja 100g

Capreolus Pancetta 100g

Capreolus Smoked Duck Breast 80g

Domingo Ortiz Chorizo Hoop Hot 200g

Domingo Ortiz Chorizo Hoop Mild 200g

Mr Duck Duck Leg Confit (2 piece) 400g

Negroni Cubed Pancetta 140g

Negroni Parma Ham 80g

Sliced Teruel Lomo 100g

Sobrasada Organic 300g

Suffolk Rosemary Salami 220g

Suffolk Wine & Peppercorn Salami 220g

Venison Salami 200g

Wild Boar Salami 200g

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