Below is a selection (but not all) of cheese that we currently have available from our cheese counter:


Aged Goat Gouda (GP) £3.20/100g

Black Bomber 200g (CP) £3.95/each

Cheddar Godminster Truffle 200g (CPOV) £6.95/each

Cheddar Godminster Vintage (CPOV) £2.95/100g

Cheddar Wookey Hole (CP) £1.70/100g

Cheshire 200g (CPV) £3.60/each

Comte Organic (CUO) £3.50/100g

Dorset Red (CPV) £1.65/100g

Feta Tyras 200g (SGP) £2.50/each

Garlic Yarg (CPV) £2.40/100g

Gjetost 250g (CGPV) £5.25/each

Gruyere Le Cret (CU) £3.20/100g

Halloumi (CSGPV) £2.95/each

Lancashire Bomb 460g (CU) £10.95/each

Manchego Don Juan (SP) £3.25/100g

Manchego Ojos de Guadiana (SU) £3.10/100g

Mayfield Swiss (CPV) £2.40/100g

Olde Sussex (CUV) £2.75/100g

Parmigiano Reggioan (CU) £2.60/100g

Pecorino Sardo (SP) £2.70/100g

Quickes Goat Cheddar (GPV) £3.20/100g

Raclette (CP) £1.45/100g

Saint Giles (CPV) £2.10/100g

Sussex Charmer (CPV) £2.10/100g

Twineham Grange 150g (CPV) £3.50/each


Brebirousse D'Argental (SP) £2.75/100g

Brie de Meaux (CU) £2.20/100g

Brie Sussex (CPV) £2.40/100g

Burwash Rose (CUV) £3.40/100g

Chevre Buche (GPV) £1.80/100g

Cornish Truffle Brie 165g (CP) £4.25/each

Delice de Bourgogne (CP) £1.90/100g

Epoisses (CP) £3.20/100g

Lord London (CPV) £2.60/100g

Mozzarella di Bufala 125g (BP) £2.15/each

Rosary Goat (GPV) £2.70/100g

Stinking Bishop (CPV) £4.25/100g

Tunworth 250g (CP) £7.95/each


Barkham Blue (CPV) £3.20/100g

Blue Clouds (CPV) £2.50/100g

Blue Murder (CPV) £2.60/100g

Brighton Blue (CPV) £2.45/100g

Cambozola Grand Noir (CPV) £2.30/100g

Colston Bassett Stilton (CPV) £2.20/100g

Dorset Blue Vinny (CUV) £1.75/100g

Montagnolo (CP) £2.10/100g

Mrs Bells Blue (SPV) £3.95/100g

Persille de Chevre (GP) £3.60/100g

Roquefort Papillon (SU) £3.30/100g


P = pasteurised

U = unpasteurised

C = cow's milk

S = sheep's milk

G = goat's milk

B = buffalo's milk

O = organic

V = vegetarian

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