Our current range of ambient treats available are as follows:


Beech's Crystalised Ginger 100g £3.50/each

Beech's Dark Choc Ginger 200g £6.25/each

Booja Booja Hazelnut Crunch Truffles 92g £5.95/each

Buttermilk Clotted Cream Fudge 175g £2.95/each

C&B Mini Chocolate Selection Tin 100g £10.95/each

Cocoba Mulled Wine Truffles 60g £4.75/each

Cudie The Original Catanies 80g £4.50/each

Dona Jimena Turron Blando 150g £4.25/each

Dona Jimena Turron Duro 150g £4.25/each

Festive Friends Chocolate Lollies 30g £3.85/each

Ko-Koa Praline Eggs 165g £8.95/each

Lir Hazelnut & Almond Truffles Box 120g £4.95/each

Little Miss Chatterbox Cracker Fruit Jellies 80g £3.50/each

Little Miss Giggles Cracker Fizzy Strawberries 80g £3.50/each

Little Miss Hug Cracker Fizzy Cola 80g £3.50/each

Little Miss Princess Cracker Fizzy Cola 80g £3.50/each

Little Miss Sunshine Cracker Fizzy Strawberries 80g £3.50/each

Maxims 12 Chocolate Tiramisu 100g £10.95/each

Maxims 12 Whisky, Rum & Cognac Chocs 120g £10.50/each

Maxims 22 Assorted Chocolates 215g £17.95/each

Maxims 3 Mini Egg with Chocolate Pearls 160g £14.95/each

Maxims Milk Choc Candied Orange 100g £7.50/each

Mighty Fine Honeycomb Dark Choc Bag 90g £2.95/each

Mighty Fine Honeycomb Milk Choc Bag 90g £2.95/each

Mighty Fine Milk Choc Coated Almonds 75g £3.15/each

Montezuma Dark Choc Buttons Bag 180g £4.25/each

Montezuma Milk Choc Buttons Bag 180g £4.25/each

Montezuma White Choc Buttons Bag 180g £4.25/each

Montezumas Milk Choc Alternative 90g £2.95/each

Monty Bojangles Xmas Town Vegan 130g £6.25/each

Mr Bump Cracker Fizzy Cola 80g £3.50/each

Mr Funny Cracker Fizzy Cola 80g £3.50/each

Mr Happy Cracker Fruit Jellies 80g £3.50/each

Mr Strong Cracker Fizzy Strawberries 80g £3.50/each

Mr Tickle Cracker Fizzy Strawberries 80g £3.50/each

Quaranta French Caramel Nougat 165g £7.95/each

Quaranta Rasp & Dark Choc Nougat Cake 165g £6.95/each

Rabitos Chocolate Coated Figs 9s 142g £9.95/each

Raw Halo Dark Raw Chocolate 76% 35g £2.25/each

Raw Halo Mylk & Salt Cara Raw Choc 35g £2.25/each

Raw Halo Mylk & Salt Raw Choc 35g £2.25/each

Raw Halo Mylk & Vanilla Raw Choc 35g £2.25/each

South Devon 38% Milk Chilli Choc 80g £3.80/each

South Devon 60% Dark Chilli Choc 80g £3.80/each

South Devon 70% Dark Chilli Choc 80g £4.50/each

South Devon Bhut Jolokia Chocolate 100g £4.25/each

South Devon Sea Salt Choc 80g £3.80/each

Summerdown Choc Mint Creams 200g £6.60/each

Summerdown Choc Mint Thins 150g £6.60/each

Sweet Lounge Pear & Vanilla Almonds 150g £14.95/each

Whitakers Orange & Lemon Creams 200g £4.50/each

Zaini Assorted Pralines Pouch 120g £4.75/each

Baileys Original Mini Delights 102g £3.15/each

Belgian Boys Choc Liege Wafels 60g £0.65/each

Gwynedd Heart Chocolate Lollipops 50g £2.50/each

Hazer Baba Crystallised Sliced Ginger 100g £4.25/each

Lir Salted Caramel Truffles Pouch 102g £3.40/each

Love Cocoa Raspberry Champagne Truffles 70g £7.95/each

Montezuma Organic Absolute Choc Bar 90g £2.60/each

Monty Bojangles Milk Choc Flaked Truffles 100g £6.95/each

Monty Bojangles Taste Adventure Box 225g £7.95/each

Persis Assorted Baklava 250g £6.95/each

Porter Foods Marron Glace Jar 200g £12.95/each

Quaranta Summer Fruits Nougat 100g £3.25/each

Rococo Vegan Nutty Choc Collection 81g £10.50/each

Simón Coll Dark Choc with Orange 85g £3.50/each


Bear Blackcurrant Fruit Rolls 20g £0.70/each

Bear Mango & Apple Sour Yoyos 20g £0.70/each

Brindisa Habas Picantes 100g £1.40/each

Brindisa Smoked Catalan Almonds 150g £4.95/each

Buiteman Cheddar Cheese Biscuits 75g £2.50/each

Buiteman Gouda & Chilli Biscuits 75g £2.50/each

Buiteman Gouda & Chive Biscuits 75g £2.50/each

Captain Tiptoes Sesame Peanuts 201g £3.25/each

Diforti Olive Oil Crostini 200g £3.40/each

Emily Apple Fruit Crisps 15g £0.95/each

Forest Feast Fruit, Nut & Berry Mix 150g £2.95/each

Forest Feast Sweet & Spicy Nut Mix 150g £3.25/each

Gancedo Habas Fritas 100g £1.30/each

Gran Luchito Salted Tortilla Chips 170g £2.50/each

Luxury Cocktail Nut Mix 90g £2.95/each

Mackies Pigs in B Crisps 150g £1.75/each

Manomasa Chipotle & Lime Corn Chips 160g £2.00/each

Manomasa Manchego & Olive Corn Chips 160g £2.00/each

Manomasa Pineapple Corn Chips 160g £2.00/each

Manomasa Queso Blanco & Chilli Corn Chips 160g £2.00/each

Mr Filberts Mexican Sweet Chilli Nuts 120g £3.35/each

Mr Filberts Moroccan Almonds 110g £3.75/each

Mr Filberts Truffle & Sea Salt Nuts 190g £3.95/each

Peppersmith Lemon & Peppermint Mints 15g £1.75/each

Peppersmith Peppermint Chewing Gum 15g £1.50/each

Peppersmith Peppermint Mints 15g £1.75/each

Peter's Yard Bites Salt & Pepper 90g £1.60/each

Peter's Yard Bites Sour Cream & Chive 90g £1.60/each

Peter's Yard Bites Vinegar & Salt 90g £1.60/each

Picos Artesanos Mini Breadsticks 200g £1.40/each

Pipers Arreton Tomato Crisps 150g £2.50/each

Pipers Cheddar & Onion Crisps 150g £2.50/each

Pipers Sweet Chili Crisps 150g £2.50/each

Stag Cheese Straws Smoked Dunlop 100g £3.75/each

The Garlic Farm Black Garlic Cloves 50g £5.25/each

Torrenzos Iberico Pork Scratchings 60g £1.50/each

Urban Fruit Mango 100g £2.95/each

Van Strien Butter Cheese Palmiers 80g £3.25/each

Zaytoun Caramelised Almonds 140g £5.95/each

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